The Women's Home and Overseas Missionary Society


Sister Fannie Braboy

The Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society

Sister Virginia Percy - Parent Body President

Sister Angela Branham – Secretary of Supply

Sister Tracey Mack – Buds of Promise, Superindent

Sister Tyra Pendergrass – Secretary of Y’s

Sister Zona Walton - Coordinator of Y.A.M.S.

This ministry is made up of women of all ages in our church, separated into departments for specific work. This is the main ministry in the church that sacrifices and seeks to help the hurting of our community and world while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The mission is clear “the world for Christ.” the missionary society participates in many service projects throughout the year locally as well as denominationally. The Missionary ministry is organized with departmental supervision into the following departments; Parent Body (President), Bud’s of Promise (Superintendent), Supply Department (Secretary), Young Adult Missionary Society Y.A.M.S (Coordinator), Youth Missionary Y’ Department (Secretary). There are abundant opportunities for service and training in the missionary ministry.