Funerals are conducted in our beautiful sanctuary. It is a lovely setting for funerals both large and small.

  1. Since the crisis of death is one of the most painful experiences for family members, every effort will be made by members of the Church to help the family move through the grief process.

  2. Notify or have someone to notify the Pastor at once. The Pastor’s role is to provide pastoral care for you and other members of your family. Arrangements for the funeral (i.e. time, day and order of service) should be made in consultation with the Pastor.

  3. In making your arrangements lean heavily on the presence and promise of God for strength, understanding and comfort.

  4. We understand that a funeral service is a worship service where the family is comforted and Jesus is magnified. Therefore, once the service is called to order the casket shall be closed.

  5. If the family wishes a Bishop or another Minster to preach the Eulogy, please consult with the Pastor. All expenses incurred by such guest will be the responsibility of the family.

If you are interested in using Varick Memorial as the venue for a funeral please contact the Church office at (203) 624-6245 to learn more or to confirm date availability. Certain fees may apply. Please consult with the office of the Pastor.