Weddings are conducted in our beautiful sanctuary, which is available to both members and friends of the congregation. It is a lovely setting for weddings both large and small.

  1. The Marriage service is unique in the Church’s Worship in that, it is both a Religious act and a Secular act. Every attempt will be made, on the part of the persons to be married, their parents, those who will direct the activities of the wedding, and the Pastor, to make the service as sacred as possible.

  2. The first step in getting married by your Pastor is to notify him of your desires. This should be done by one or both of the prospective partners. No plans should be made without the Pastor’s knowledge and concurrence.

  3. Be prepared to engage in three or more pre-martial counseling sessions with the Pastor. The last occurring no later than seven days before the actual ceremony.

  4. If the wedding is to take place in the Church, it is imperative that a rehearsal be conducted at least 24 hours before the ceremony. The Pastor should be present for the rehearsal.

  5. The ceremony must conform with the Rituals of Matrimony as set forth in the Discipline of the A.M.E. Zion Church.

  6. Because of sacredness of the use of flash cameras during the actual ceremony is not appropriate.

  7. The Altar represents the most significant symbol of the presence of God, whose blessings we ask upon every wedding in the Church and should never be moved or obstructed.

  8. All music must be approved by the Pastor prior to the service.

  9. If you wish for another Minister to perform or assist with the ceremony, confer with the Pastor in advance. All expenses incurred for such guest will be the responsibility of the family.

If you are interested in using Varick Memorial as the venue for your wedding please contact the Church office at (203) 624-6245 to learn more or to confirm date availability. Certain fees are applicable, please consult with the office of the Pastor.