Lucille Cogswell Memorial Deaconess Board


Reverend Namon Bradley

Minister of Visitation

Reverend Morton Percy

Lucille Cogswell Memorial Deaconess Board   

Sister Ernestine Browning, President

Marcia Alexander-Majors, Linda Bradley, Blanche Bruton, Clarice Brown, Linneth Chin, Rose B. Clary, Jessie Clark, Esther Collier, Mary Collier, Ernestine Glover, Willa B. Houlihan, Alice Johnson, Hazel Johnson, Laura Mason, Virginia Percy, Edith Robinson, Otha Simmons, Ruby Slade, Ruth Twitty.

This board is made of the precious jewels of the church. These select women are the prayer warriors of the church. The deaconesses prepare our members and church for the church sacraments. (Baptism and Holy Communion). This board is made of consecrated women who are living holy and virtuous lives unto God. The deaconesses conduct themselves in the spirit of Phoebe, the first female deacon of the Christian church. In the Varick Memorial Church history, no deaconess has been sited as Sister Lucille Cogswell. She is remembered for her constant love and distinction toward her church and the deaconess ministry.  This board is to visit and seek to relive the needy in the community. Deaconess meeting is every first Saturday of the month.