Varick Memorial Wedding Protocol
  • The couple should complete pre-marital counseling session with Pastor Morrison or an assigned Minister. At least three (3) sessions should be completed.

  • A Pre-marital counseling form should be completed on the first session. This form will be used to gather information about the couple and the intended ceremony/ nuptials.

  • Once a date has been given this must be confirmed with Pastor and the church calendar (if the ceremony will be done at the church).

  • If the couple has a coordinator, that individual should work with the Pastor’s office or the church assigned advisor, to work out the details surrounding the ceremony.

  • The representative from Varick will advise the coordinator or the couple of the follow important information:
    1. Fees for the following: Pastor, Musician (if they don’t have their own), Multimedia Ministry (video, photography, audio/sound), church facilities. All fees should be submitted before the date of the ceremony (3months)
    2. AME Zion Wedding Procedures and Rituals
    3. Marriage License and Witnesses
    4. Acceptable music, props, and all necessary devices for the ceremony
    5. Rehearsal date and time
    6. Logistics for the day (Bride holding area, Groom holding area, Bridal party holding area)

  • Once the couple or the coordinator is advised of all pertinent matters, all Varick parties will be notified and assigned for the day. Church Wedding Advisor will ensure that all Varick parties will have the necessary personal contact information for the couple or the coordinator.

  • Church Wedding Advisor will work with the coordinator or the couple regarding all specifics as the wedding approaches.

  • On the day of the wedding the Church Wedding Advisor or coordinator should have all the logistics set the day/night before (sanctuary dressing, paraphernalia, necessary participants, licenses, etc.)

  • All fees are due at the second pre-marital session or 30 days before the wedding date. Payments for all necessary request should be made payable to Varick Memorial except for the Officiating Clergy. The Business Office will distribute payments to the various parties.

Fee Schedule:

  • Initial Deposit Required : $100 (Due at first pre-marital session and will be withheld if wedding is late or canceled less than 30days prior to wedding)

  • Officiate :$250

  • Musicians : $100 (keyboardist), $65 (percussionist), $65 (vocalist)

  • Video & Photography:Please contact for packages(347-688-5771)

  • Audio/Sound: $65

  • Custodian(non-trustee member):$50

  • Sanctuary : $400 (for non-members)

  • Brockington Hall: $675 (non-members)

***Please note that fees for the facilities are waived for members.