Varick Volunteer Opportunities


If you are interested in volunteering in any of these volunteer opportunities please complete the area of interest and return to the Office Manage (Roxanne Hayes), at the church office. Once received someone from the area of ministry you indicated, will contact you as to the next steps. Thank you for your heart of service.

Children’s Ministry Volunteer

Help to care for the children, keep kids safe and their activities organized.

  • Responsible for organization and set-up of Children’s Ministry
  • Welcomes parents and children to children’s church
  • Cleans and Sanitizes children’s toys and equipment
  • Keeps supplies stocked and organized
  • Keeps inventory log and notifies Supervisor of needed supplies
  • Assist with weekly children’s lessons
  • Creates a positive experience for parents and children who attend children’s ministry sessions
  • Informs the Supervisor of issues with children or parents to ensure appropriate followup

Church Office Volunteer

Help to bridge the administrative gap of the church office.

  • Answers the church phone
  • Takes messages and forwards them to appropriate office of ministry personnel
  • Greets visitors and directs them to the proper location
  • Checks church calendar
  • Makes coffee for office
  • Accepts and gives items to be picked up
  • Makes copies and fax documents for office staff or ministries

Facility Volunteer

Help to make sure that the church is aesthetically clean and maintained.

  • Assist with custodial and logistics support for weekly services
  • Arrives early and unlocks church facilities
  • Makes sure main sanctuary is stocked, neat and ready for members and guests
  • Transport supplies from storage area to sanctuary as needed/required
  • Checks restroom in between services to ensure they are neat, clean and stocked with supplies
  • Keeps inventory and notifies church staff (Office Manager) of needed supplies
  • Mops up spills in narthex, office lobby and keeps floors dry during rainy days or stormy weather

Church Greeter

Help to welcome members, guests and visitors to worship services

  • Welcome members and visitors
  • Hand out bulletins, event materials, special notices etc.
  • Open doors for members and visitors
  • Transport supplies from storage area to sanctuary as needed/required
  • Answer questions and direct visitors
  • Help members and visitors with paraphernalia’s during inclement weather
  • Assist people with special needs i.e. wheelchair, stroller etc.

Church Musician

Help to lead and usher in worship with the congregation.

  • Participates on church musical team during church services and special services
  • Works with the service development team to plan weekly music set
  • Procures music practice sheets and forwards to musicians
  • Facilitates weekly musician rehearsals
  • Coaches musicians on skill development
  • Recruits and develops church choirs
  • Facilitates monthly choir rehearsals
  • Rehearses music sets in preparation of weekly rehearsals

Parking Assistant

Help members and guests with parking and crowd control.

  • Assists members and guests by helping them to find parking
  • Welcomes first time guests by offering reserved parking spot
  • Manages traffic flow by directing cars to appropriate traffic lanes
  • Use cones and barricades to control traffic lanes
  • Helps members and visitors when raining or bad weather by offering necessary paraphernalia’s
  • Assists people when special needs i.e. wheelchair, stroller, etc.

Multimedia Ministry

Help with the communications tools and equipment during worship services and bible-study.

  • Operate video cameras during worship services for live stream
  • Run the Sound Board during the worship services after the necessary training
  • Assist with photography during worship services or for special events
  • Use the various applications and equipment to help with the flow of worship services and special events

Youth Ministry

Help to supervise youth and plan/organize youth services and events.

  • Keeps supply list and ensures youth ministry area remains stocked and replenished
  • Orders supplies for youth ministry, including administrative offices
  • Works with youth minister to ensure props and supplies are available to support teaching plan
  • Provides administrative support to youth leader by assisting with youth communications and service planning
  • Assists in planning and supporting all youth ministry events