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Assimilation (Barnabus) Ministry 

Minister of Discipleship & Christian Ed 

Class Leader Ministry 

Community Relations Coordinator 

Culinary Ministry 

Deaconess Board 

Minister of Evangelism 

Hospitality and Greeters Ministry 

Imani Breakthrough Ministry 

Intercessory Prayer 

Kingdom Kidz Ministry 

Lay Council 

Liturgical Dance  

Marriage Ministry 

Membership Services 

Ministers in Training

Multimedia Ministry 

Music Ministry 

New Life Fellowship Men’s Ministry 

Next Generation  

Pastor’s Aide Society 

Sacrificial Council 

Security Ministry The Dorothy E.M. Davis & Willa B. Houlihan

Scholarship Committee 

Singles Ministry 

Soup Kitchen Ministry 

Steward Board 

Store House Ministry (Food Pantry) 

Sunday School Ministry 

Trustee Board 

Usher Board Ministry 

Ministry of Visitation 

Women’s Ministry 

Women’s Home & Overseas Missionary Society 

Youth Ministry 

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